We would like to clarify that HÉTFA is NOT affected by the Council Implementing Decision 2022/2056 on measures for the protection of the Union budget against breaches of the principles of the rule of law in Hungary*. As an independent private institution, HETFA continues to be fully eligible for Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, and COST Action projects, allowing it to receive funding.

We are actively seeking new opportunities to collaborate as a Hungarian partner. If you are interested in forming a consortium with us or exploring potential joint projects, we invite you to contact us at internationaloffice@hetfa.hu.

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*Annex 1 of Act IX of 2021 on public interest trust funds performing public functions lists those entities that had been granted the status of “public trust funds performing a public function”, which are affected by the Council Implementing Decision (https://njt.hu/jogszabaly/2021-9-00-00 – in Hungarian).