HÉTFA, as the Grant Holder Institution, is the leader of the PROFEEDBACK (Platform of Policy Evaluation Community for Improved EU Policies and Better Acknowledgment) Action supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). The objective of the Action is to promote networking among the policy evaluation community at the EU-level, increase awareness regarding the significance of evaluation policy research, and enhance its impact on policy-making. As part of the PROFEEDBACK initiative, a total of four Training Schools is being organized, each aimed at equipping Young Researchers with the necessary knowledge and skills in policy evaluation.

The first PROFEEDBACK Training School is currently underway in Istanbul, Turkey, from 5th to 7th July 2023. The event brings together thirteen trainees and five expert trainers and focuses on theory-based evaluation, equipping Young Researchers with a solid framework and knowledge to plan and conduct evaluations rooted in theory. During the training, Young Researchers from diverse backgrounds engage in collaborative sessions, fueling the exchange of ideas and fostering innovative evaluation approaches.

The Training School owes its success to dedicated local organisers and expert trainers, including Sedef Akgungor, Petrescu Claudia, Mirela Mango, Laura Trofin, and Mihaela Iorgulescu-Aioanei. The participation of talented Young Researchers further enhances the event’s impact. The training is being recorded and an edited video series will be later available on the PROFEEDBACK website.

More info is available on the PROFEEDBACK website.