On behalf of Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, the final project event organizer, we are pleased to invite you to the Final Seminar that will be organised online on July 25.

The Public4mSME+ project, funded by the International Visegrad Fund, is ending, so we would like to share the result of our work and instruct interested stakeholders about the Sharing Box tool.

The Sharing Box tool was developed to connect public institutions, such as municipalities and local SMEs in order to share their available resources for improving economic opportunities using the concept of Sharing Economy.

We would like to share the idea of Sharing Economy in local societies, as there is huge potential to save resources, and we were aware of it at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, facing the deeper crisis accelerated by the war in Ukraine, there is a need to be more effective and efficient in using public resources.

To know more, we suggest participating in the seminar. The detailed information you can find in the file below.

Final Seminar Infosheet

Check out the agenda and register today!