The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) has recently awarded a contract to HÉTFA, along with ÖIR GmbH (Austria) as contract leader, Nordregio (Sweden) and the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) as sub-contractor, to conduct a cross-border regional labour market analysis. This decision comes after a successful joint tender offer in response to the Call for Tenders titled “Cross-border regional labour market analysis” under reference number REGIO/2022/OP/0030, published by DG REGIO in November 2022.
The purpose of the project is to produce labour market analysis of regional labour markets in a cross-border perspective. This is to say looking at cross-border regions as a whole instead of the sum of two separate parts. The tasks of the project aim gathering information on the current state of play of cross-border labour market, developing methodologies and approaches to produce cross-border datasets and cross-border labour market analyses and producing labour market analyses for a set of cross-border region. The project put emphasis on providing indication on the governance of the labour market policies.
The selection of the tender offer for this contract confirms HÉTFA’s expertise in conducting high-quality international research and its dedication to delivering insightful analysis. The partnership of ÖIR GmbH, HÉTFA, Nordregio and AEBR have the potential to provide valuable insights into the cross-border regional labour markets, contributing to evidence-based policymaking and promoting effective regional development strategies.