The training development as a part of project result 3 (PR3) has been completed in English and ONLINE & FREE Courses are open on the project website. PR3 presents the 7 modules developed based on the previous research gauging the pandemic impact on business operations across the 7 countries of project partners, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Belgium.

According to the most significant business challenges identifies in a post-covid era divided into 4 main areas (Digital Transformation, Innovation & Servitization, Localization, and Sustainability), the RESTART consortium brings 7 training modules on the following topics:

  • Digitalization and online learning
  • Innovation and exploitation opportunities for MSMEs
  • Cyber security in the (home) office
  • Business models for SMEs in the post-COVID era
  • Sustainable, social, and green entrepreneurship
  • Servitization – transforming products into services
  • Emotional intelligence and well-being in the business context

Moreover, each module is also available in an audio version, pdf, and Word formats both ready for download.

Except for English, all modules will be soon available in 5 other languages: Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Slovak, and Hungarian.

After successfully completing self-assessment questions after the module, a learner can download a personalized certificate of the course completion.

Additionally, a user can use the opportunity to ask about any related information through digital coach in case of further guidance.

Your feedback is more than welcome! A feedback form is available at the beginning of each training session so don’t forget to rate us!

Find out more information on the project website or Facebook page: