Under the lead of HETFA, the foRMAtion project is now disseminating its innovative outputs to a wide audience. As such, the consortium organises 5 public stakeholder events in 2022.

Following the success of the first event in Portugal, the second public event has been held in Ljubljana, Slovenia under the title “Learning RMA by doing RMA – Empowering Tomorrow’s Research Managers and Administrators through foRMAtion’s Mentorship Programme”. The Slovenian Forestry Institute hosted the event on their premises. More than 50 participants joined in person and online from more than 12 countries – including experts in the field of research management, policy makers and the National Contact Points’ Coordinator for Horizon Europe in Slovenia. The goal was to deliberate about various RMA mentorship programs around the world, including foRMAtion’s newly tested programme, as well as to discuss their possible implementation in the local institutional context. The event offered a great networking opportunity for those interested in incorporating mentorship into their institutional practice.

During the event, two colleagues from HETFA have delivered presentations. Virág Zsár, Senior Grant Advisor at HÉTFA, gave an overview of the foRMAtion project, including its goals and achievements so far. Judit Fekete, Senior Project Manager at HÉTFA, explained the novelty of the foRMAtion Mentorship Programme piloted this summer in 6 European research support offices with the participation of university students who have successfully completed the foRMAtion modules.

The public event in Slovenia has been a great success! The partnership is looking forward to the next events. The final and largest stakeholder event of foRMAtion on The Future of Research Management Training in Higher Education – Insights from foRMAtion’s Teaching and Mentoring Experience to Professionalize Research Management will take place in Brussels on 30 November 2022, 9:00 – 15:00. Agenda is available here and the registration form here.