HETFA is delighted to announce that our commitment to make entrepreneurial development for women more efficient has made a decisive step forward, with the award of €400,000 from the Erasmus+ Programme.

The project entitled “RE-FEM – Upskilling pathways for REsiliency in the post-Covid era for FEMale Entrepreneurs” (2022-1-HU01-KA220-ADU-000089295) has been successfully submitted under the “Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in adult education” category in spring 2022. The results have been recently announced and the RE-FEM project has been selected for support. The project will officially start on 1 November 2022.

The 3-years long project will be implemented with a partnership of 7 other organisations under the lead of HETFA: SEED Foundation (Hungary), Andalucía Emprende Fundación Pública Andaluza (Spain),  Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania (Romania), Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations (Bulgaria), Mihajlo Pupin Institute (Serbia), Slovak Business Agency (Slovakia), Brand-Sofi (Finland).

The new RE-FEM project derives from the intention to transform the achievements of the Erasmus+ project iFEMPOWER into a new project. The project intends to add new insight crucial for more efficient entrepreneurial development for women through research, needs-based, high-quality training materials, e-learning modules and establishing an international network group for all the target groups involved. The project also serves the needs of the trainers in business support and entrepreneurship working in the field of adult education by providing easily accessible, high quality and transformative training tools.

To achieve the project objectives, the following activities will be implemented by the partnership:

  • conducting comparative research to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges women entrepreneurs have to face in the post-pandemic area focusing on specific aspects of the situation of women with fewer opportunities;
  • building capacity for trainers/adult educators/mentors working in the field of women entrepreneurship to be able to support and develop women entrepreneurs in their adaptation to the post-pandemic area;
  • enriching adult education on women entrepreneurship with innovative and transferable tools, the project will create inclusive and accessible training materials, methodologies and an online platform for entrepreneurship training;
  • enhancing the skill and competencies of women entrepreneurs through tailored activities and a dedicated network to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to have resilient businesses and to accommodate their SMEs to new business models;
  • formulating policy recommendations to define directions for adult education, entrepreneurship, and the labour market to support women entrepreneurs in building and managing resilient businesses in the age of digital transformation.


Photo credit: unsplash.com