HETFA Research Institute will organise a workshop in the framework of the Researchers’ Night event series in Hungary (Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology Mission of researchers to expand new horizons, FAWORIT 2022-2023). The workshop entitled ‘Research management, an emerging career opportunity within the research and innovation ecosystem’ is going to take place on 30 September 2022 in Budapest.

Due to the increased competition for international research and innovation funds, the involvement of qualified Research Managers and Administrators (in short: RMAs) is essential for the realisation of successful international projects, and their involvement also impacts on the effectiveness of research-performing organisations. In the research management field – which lacks RMA professionals in our region – experts competent in international relations, change management, teamwork, and those having a creative and problem-solving mindset will be given a prominent role.

The aim of the workshop is to showcase the profession of research managers and administrators. The focus will be on the research and innovation ecosystem, and its main actors, with a special focus on the role and necessary skills of Research Managers and Administrators. Participants will gain insights into the professional life of a research manager and can discover a new career opportunity!