The overarching goal of the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS project is to improve climate adaptation and coordination capacity of local municipalities and supporting the drawing down of financial resources and the efficient use of funding (both EU and local fundings) for related topics. An additional goal of the project is to encourage the dissemination of several domestic and foreign, local and water catchment level Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM) good practices by sharing the results, in the coordination of local municipalities. The implemented solutions of the project will be good practices for other Hungarian catchment areas and neighbouring regions, where the problems are similar.

Under the supervision of WWF Hungary Foundation and the Ministry of Interior, two catchment areas will be supported in the design of a complex NWRM. One of which is Püspökszilágy and surrounding with catchment areas including settlements threatened by flash floods. The other one is Bátya and surrounding which is an area struggling with inequalities between water surplus and water scarce periods along the river Danube.

In both demonstration areas a so-called Multi-stakeholder Catchment Forum will be set up and will take decisions during the process. Numerous local stakeholders will be involved in the forum, including municipalities in the catchment area, territorially competent Water Directorates, permitting authority, local farmers, national parks, NGOs, etc. The Forum shall decide on the implementation of additional natural water retention measures in the given catchment area with the aim to maximize impact. The work of the Multi-stakeholder Catchment Forum will be supported by HÉTFA’s Climate and Sustainability Lab as a facilitator.

Under the co-lead of HÉTFA, meetings of the Multi-stakeholder Catchment Forum have been held at the mayor’s office of Bátya Municipality and Püspökszilágy Municipality. During the meetings, members of the Multi-stakeholder Catchment Forum held the first rounds of introductions and agreed on the rules of procedures. They will continue the meetings after summer. Introduction of the project ideas, discussion and brainstorming, consultation with experts will be on the foreseen agenda. The forum’s members will take decision until 31 December 2022 on the priority list of the NWRMs. As of 2023, the follow-up phase of projects and the national-level dissemination of good practices are planned.

More info about the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS is available here.