Members of the foRMAtion consortium (foRMAtion: Innovative and smart module for potential Research Managers and Administrators in higher education (HE)) met for an event series in May 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. The event consisted of two major parts. The Transnational Project Meetings were held in two sessions on 16 and 18 May, while the first foRMAtion public stakeholder event entitled “Innovative paths to shape tomorrow’s Research Management training” took place on 17 May in the large auditorium of the rectorate of NOVA University of Lisbon, hosted by the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

During the Transnational Project Meetings, the partnership together with the Advisory Board members discussed the project progress and exchanged views about the sustainability of the project outputs. In addition, the partnership overviewed the forthcoming tasks and project management related issues.

The main aim of the first stakeholder event of the foRMAtion project was to present the international curricula created and tested by the participating universities (NOVA, Corvinus, Sapientia) and to share and debate on the RMA training opportunities from all around the world. More than 80 Portuguese and international participants – including research managers, higher education experts, professors, teachers, trainers and policy-makers – from 20 countries had the opportunity to meet and network at the event. The agenda included 4 sessions detailed below.

First, Judit Fekete, project manager of HETFA provided an overview of the foRMAtion project, highlighting the objectives, and so far achieved results of the project. Interested universities and other Research Performing Organisations were invited to join the foRMAtion Module Alliance and Mentorship Alliance. Cristina Oliveira from NOVA FCSH introduced the 4 innovative modules targeting higher education students, while Éva Kőváriné Ignáth and Lídia Vinczéné Fekete from Corvinus University of Budapest presented the teaching methodological material of foRMAtion.

The event continued with the online presentation of Stijn Delauré, Policy Officer at the R&I Actors and Research Careers unit of the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation. He presented the implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda, with special focus on the Research Management Initiative.

The keynote speech was followed by a roundtable discussion on RMA training opportunities around the world, where Astrid Vigtil, Chair of the EARMA Professional Development and Recognition Committee, Angela Jones, PhD, Director of the Master and Graduate Certificate of Research Administration Program at the University of Central Florida, Mark Hochmann, Director of Research Management Resources Pty Ltd., SRAI Distinguished Faculty, Australia, Therina Theron, Senior Director, Research and Innovation at Stellenbosch University, South Africa and Joao Cortez, Research and Innovation Funding Advisor at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa presented their RMA training offers.

The event ended with a world café activity: the main objective was to explore the adaptability and transferability of the foRMAtion modules to different target groups and purposes. You can read the main conclusions of the activity in our resume here.

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Photo credits: Luís Reis / NOVA FCSH