HETFA Research Institute prepared its Gender Equality Plan for the period 2022-2024. It is published on HETFA’s website here.

HETFA GEP was developed according to the existing EU-level and national policies and frameworks concerning gender-based discrimination and tools for improving gender equality. First and foremost, HETFA GEP is aligned with the principles and recommendations set out by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Programme (Horizon Europe General Annexes, Horizon Europe Guidance on Gender Equality Plans, September 27, 2021) for fulfilling the eligibility requirements for financial funding, while it also follows the guide issued by the European Institute for Gender Equality (GEAR Tool) for assuring quality design, implementation and monitoring of initiatives for increased gender equality.

Developing HETFA’s first Gender Equality Plan (HETFA GEP) was an excellent opportunity to introduce the concept and the benefits of having an evidence-based gender equality plan at the institute. As research performing organisation, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that gender and gender equality is a foundational value in research activities and international project management. With the implementation of this Gender Equality Plan, HETFA also intends to advance its scientific interest and potential, while establishing its role in covering gender-related research and international cooperation projects.

Based on the thorough evaluation of the complied data and qualitative results, the Plan features the implementation of 11 objectives within 5 priority areas of intervention. The following three aims have been defined to identify the key areas and objectives for the Equality Plan at HETFA: 1) changes on the organisational level to support equal and safe work conditions for everyone, 2) support to achieve excellence in research and in international project implementation by integrating the gender dimension and 3) awareness-raising activities for individuals to increase the understanding of the importance of equality issues and strengthen positive attitudes towards diversity.

The five key objectives for the period of 2022-2024 are as follows:
1) Driving Institutional change toward increased gender equality
2) Gender Equality in employment, career advancement and leadership
3) Reconciliation of work and life
4) Gender dimension in research and innovation
5) Gender dimension in international projects

HETFA also provides expertise to other public institutions in preparing their Gender Equality Plans (GEP) and facilitating its implementation to meet the requirements of Horizon Europe 2021-2027. Furthermore, HETFA Research Institute has relevant expertise for coordinating or joining international EU funded projects as a partner organisation dealing with any of the following topics related to gender equality:

  • gender equality in the labour market, labour supply of young mothers and gender pay gaps;
  • empowerment of women entrepreneurs, women business angels, start-uppers;
  • gender equality in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), structural processes and mechanisms behind gender inequality in STEM education;
  • involvement and empowerment of young girls interested in STEM education, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • promoting gender equality at HEIs (Higher Education Institutions), supporting the implementation and monitoring of GEPs at HEIs;
  • gender responsive budgeting.

In case of interest in making partnership, please contact: 

Katalin Oborni, senior project manager and gender expert, obornikatalin@hetfa.hu

Judit Fekete, senior project manager, responsible for coordinating Horizon Europe projects, feketejudit@hetfa.hu

Luca Koltai, senior researcher, gender expert, Head of the Division for Public Policy and Impact Assessment, internationaloffice@hetfa.hu


Source of picture: www.unsplash.com