An article under the title “Transformation of urban green spaces from a historical perspective in Veszprém, Hungary”; written by Vera Iváncsics (senior researcher of the Division for Urban and Regional Development) and Krisztina Filepné Kovács was published in the Planning Perspectives journal.

The article can be downloaded here.

The article presents the changes of urban green networks by a case study of a Hungarian town, Veszprém, throughout its history. The analysis is based on historical (cadastral, military, topographical) maps, historical photo archives and statistical data. The authors compared the results of Veszprém with the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and European tendencies. The article highlights that Veszprém has diverged from European trends and highlights the specificities of its green spaces’ development. The article introduces the 5 characteristic periods (Organic growth, Stagnation, Pathfinding, Selective development, Postmodern) of population growth and green space development of Veszprém. In addition, the authors emphasize the problem of increasing artificial surfaces and decreasing urban green plots.

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