The project entitled V4+WB Network of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) achieved one if its main objectives with the launch of the Online Expert Pool and Learning Material Platform. These tools will make the RMA profession visible, facilitate the search for R&I projects and networking among the potential future partners; and support the self-development of the RMAs.

The Online Expert Pool is a database to share profiles of RMAs, funding advisors, National Contact Points (NCPs) of EU Research and Innovation Framework Programmes (FPs) and any relevant experts working on the interface of science to reinforce a sustainable network and knowledge exchange.

The Pool is not restricted to the V4 and Western Balkan countries, any RMA professional can join. Once the Pool has many new members, with the help of this tool, they can look up any kind of practical information or contact relevant experts directly.

Apart from that, by joining the Pool, experts will gain access to the Learning Material Platform, which is a repository of all learning materials prepared and collected during the project. These include webinar recordings, educative videos and further supporting documents and tools that can support the participation and performance of V4 and WB countries in Horizon Europe.

Let’s go through together how to join the Online Expert Pool and the Learning Material Platform!  Find our tutorial here.