HETFA Research Institute launched a research project in May 2020 to better understand the situation of female entrepreneurs during the coronavirus pandemic. The research aimed to examine the effects of the pandemic on the operation of companies led by women and the difficulties female entrepreneurs faced in reconciling their entrepreneurial and family roles.

Numerous articles have addressed how women cope with the difficulties of the coronavirus epidemic. These writings focused mainly on front-line health workers and mothers who experienced increased burdens at home following the closure of educational and health care institutions. At the same time, women who run businesses have received significantly less attention, even though they have been challenged in multiple ways in recent months.

The research by HETFA Research Institute, based on an online questionnaire survey and personal interviews, examined how Hungarian female entrepreneurs coped with the difficulties caused by the virus, both on the economic and family fronts. The online questionnaire was filled by 368 Hungarian female entrepreneurs.

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(The report was published in Hungarian on Portfolio.hu)