The V4 Network on Entrepreneurship project supported by the Visegrad Fund has come to an end this March, holding a promise for future collaboration in the SME field. The project aimed to gather and connect experts, academics, entrepreneurs and policy-makers of the SME field from all Visegrad countries to discuss common challenges and potential solutions. In the framework of the project three international events took place, a kick-off meeting in March 2019, a 2-day conference in Budapest in September 2019 and an expert workshop in Bratislava this January. These events aimed to pave the way for future collaborations by establishing a database and by showcasing good practices and formulating policy recommendations for V4 countries. Currently trending topics, such as social entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, family businesses and mismatch between education and the labour market needs were highlighted and particularly addressed during these events.

Thanks to the experts involved and the cross-border knowledge exchange, a final document was prepared comprising of event summaries and conclusions, and a recommendation package for policymakers.

Join the network by registering to our database that collects and connects research organizations, scholars, stakeholders and universities dealing with local and regional enterprises in the Visegrad countries. For more information please visit the V4 Network for Entrepreneurship website or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We would like to thank our partners for this fruitful cooperation:

IDEA of Development Foundation from Warsaw (Poland), Slovak Business Agency from Bratislava (Slovakia), University of Economics from Prague (Czech Republic).


Photo credit: Ondrej Irša