The first foRMAtion workshop dedicated to involve high-level experts related to RMA trainings will be held on 8-10 January 2020 in Porto, Portugal. The workshop gathers experts, representatives of associations of research managers and administrators (RMAs), teachers and professors dealing with education and training programmes of RMAs and funding advisors in order to collect good and bad practices, methods, tools, change experiences, access to state-of-the-art information, etc.

Outcomes of the workshop backed by further desk research will provide the necessary inputs for the foRMAtion methodological guide and good practice collection (IO1) which will gather and assess existing training and educational programmes for RMAs throughout Europe and check their usability for the preparation of the international curriculum for RMAs (IO2).

The event also aims to discover possible synergies with relevant projects, activities and initiatives throughout Europe. To do so, the partnership of foRMAtion is inviting experts and stakeholders – including Advisory Board members – active in fields at national or EU levels relevant for RMA to present their work and experiences. Launching discussion on the possible ways of training future RMAs will ensure that the developed international module for HEI students will be truly innovative and high-quality.

The training event will be backed by the second transnational meeting of the foRMAtion partnership where we will review the current status of the outputs, discuss future tasks and deadlines and evaluate the results of the training.

Stay tuned for further information on our activities!