HÉTFA has published new booklets under the title Human Development Policy in Hungary. It introduces the history of European Social Fund (ESF) and its Hungarian aspects.

The publication, available here, contains two volumes. The first volume includes the history of the first 60 years and major milestones of the European Social Fund. The second volume describes the institutional system’s transformation of Hungarian development policy from 2004, in the view of European Social Fund.

The publication was commissioned by the Ministry of Human Resources and edited by the experts of development policy of HÉTFA: Gábor Balás, founder and executive director of HÉTFA, and Koltai Luca, senior advisor of the Division for Public Policy and Impact Assessment of HÉTFA. Co-editor of the book is András Csite, founder and executive director of HÉTFA, and János Tamás Schanda, Ministry for Innovation and Technology’s Minister of State for European Union Development Policy. Other fellows of HÉTFA also participated in the preparation of publication.