The newly issued research of HETFA Research Institute was commissioned by the Ministry of Interior. It regard public employment as a tool for developing labour market, social and territorial policies and it investigates its impact, on the local economy and society.

Recently the macroeconomic changes have fundamentally transformed the public employment and particularly the scope of public employees. Due to the changes in labour market, more people were able to find workplace in the  labour market, while the composition of employees in the public sector is standing further away from the market demands. The study emphasizes the significance of the supported forms of employment, including public employment. However, changes in the economic situation necessitates further development of the public employment system.

Among the affected actors of public employment sector, the survey focused on local actors, mayors, responsibles for public employment, actors in the field of employment, social and health care, as well as public employees. Under the frame of the research, individual and group interviews were conducted with mayors, public employment organizers, stakeholders of the employment system, public employees and social workers. In addition, a questionnaire was conducted at national level.