Zsuzsa Radnai, project manager of our International Office participated in a training provided by SALTO (Support, Advanced Learning, and Training Opportunities), part of the European Commission’s Training Strategy. The training course called ’The Power of Non Formal Education’ held between 7-12 March 2018 in Madeira, aimed to explore and understand the full potential of non-formal education and its learning aspects, as a complementary education besides formal and informal education.

The training course of ’The Power of Non Formal Education’ was launched in 2009. Since then, thanks to its great success, an average of 3 trainings per year are financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme, in which more than 600 actors in the youth field from different countries of Europe have already had the opportunity to participate.

Since HETFA builds and joins partnerships within Erasmus+ programme, it is important to broaden colleagues’ knowledge and experience in Erasmus+, therefore acquire a more conscious and effective approach towards non formal education as a tool for social change. By experiencing an innovative approach and analysing the role and perception of non-formal education in different countries, HETFA will incorporate new approaches and different non formal educational methods into its daily work practices. In addition, this training course also provided an opportunity to meet potential partners of future projects and to make contacts in other countries.