Balázs Szepesi, Strategic Director of HÉTFA Research Institute, held a lecture titled China in Hungarian perspective at the 16+1 Forum. This event discussed the prospects of economic cooperation between China, and Central and Eastern European countries.

The Strategic Director of HÉTFA emphasized in his lecture that although China is a distant and unfamiliar culture for us, we have a positive view of China: an image of a large and powerful country as well as a diligent and determined nation lives in the minds of the Hungarians.

In addition to China’s culture, the nearly 30-year-old Chinese commercial colony plays an important role in formulating an opinion on the Asian country. Balázs Szepesi also highlighted that Hungarians do not have any negative historical memories about China and there has never been a conflict between the two countries.
The event took place at the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT) and was co-organized by HÉTFA Research Institute, Századvég Foundation, IFAT and PAGEO Foundation.

More information about the 16+1 initiative of China and the forum in Budapest is available here.