Two studies written by our experts have been published in the FALU VÁROS RÉGIÓ (‘Village City Region’) – that is a a professional journal for rural development published by the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy.
The joint article of Zsolt Szendrei, architect and urbanist and Gábor Balás, Director of HÉTFA, reviewed the domestic experiences of urban strategic planning between 2007 and 2015. The study points out that since 2007 important changes have been initiated in strategic planning. In practice, however, it takes a lot of time for the propoesd strategic approach to become the basic practice of urban operation.

Zsolt Baranyai’s (expert of urban sociology) article presents the results of an impact assessment of Structural Fund co-financed program for urban development and territorial equalization between 2007 and 2011. The Program intended to decrease the development differences between towns. This goal did not play a significant role in the implementation process – in practice mostly the size of the town and the local competences of application writing influenced the ability of towns to acquire funds.