András Csite, Managing Director of HÉTFA Research Institute and Center for Analysis held a lecture on young people’s labour market situation at the conference titled Young Hungarians in Vojvodina-Vajdaság. The event was organized by the Hungarian National Council.

Mr Csite emphasized that the Carpathian Basin has to face two major challenges ont he labor market. On the one hand, Western Europe drains the skilled and talented young people; on the other hand, there is a steady decline in childbearing.

Lack of labour causes serious problems also in the Hungarian economy. Although there are many workplaces in Hungary, salaries are not attractive to Hungarian employees. Therefore, companies try to overcome the shortage from regions beyond the borders.

The Managing Director of HÉTFA emphasized that there is a conflict between the efforts of Hungarian economic policy to increase the number of workplaces and to the measures launched to motivate Hungarians beyond the borders to stay in their homeland. On long term the credible rise of wages in the whole region may offer solution.