Daily newspaper Világgazdaság and vg.hu published an article by the strategic director of Hétfa Research Institute focused on strategic issues of hungarian competitiveness.

Balázs Szepesi argues that three factors are necessary to improve Hungary’s competitiveness: „One is to face reality. (…) We pay little attention to how corporations work, how our entrepreneurs make decisions.
Second is the prospect of successful implementation. (…) There is a need for proposals that can meet the feasibility aspects of technology and politics.
Third is an alliance for competitiveness. The actors in Hungarian economic policy realm do not initiate, they rather react. (…) Without a cooperative and stimulating atmosphere of economic life there will be few who take on the lonesome role of being the hero of competitiveness.
There is plenty to do for economic policymakers, business organizations and analysts. A job that will not be done by anyone else.”

The entire article is available in Összkép magazine (in Hungarian).