Researchers and directors of trade unions discussed the situation of the Hungarian labour market and job creation at the Conference.

Managing Director of Hétfa Research Institute presented the effects of infrastructural developments on job creation. Impact assessments indicate that EU resources did not have robust contribution to job creation. There were 458 000 new jobs created in Hungary between 2009 and 2014. 81 000 were results of cohesion policy, 16 000 of these seem to be permanent.

According to Balás development projects may have a fundamental influence on employment through education. Thus it may be worthwhile to extend development resources in education in the long term. In the short and medium term it is more effective to improve regulations in order to increase employment and job creation.

Further lecturers of the conference were: László Andor, Attila Bartha, András Tóth and Ákos Molnár.