The freshly made Social Urban Rehabilitation Handbook
of the capital wasA presented on 16 April. HETFA, as the subcontractor of the Metropolitan Research Institute took part in the professional coordination of the document’s preparation.

The Handbook offers a detailed guide to the planning of social urban rehabilitation projects in the districts of the capital. The aim of the social urban rehabilitation is besides the renewal of the physical environment, the improvement of social conditions. A complex type of intervention, which forms the micro-society and its environment. That is way it can only succeed with the cooperation of more fields of expertise. The Handbook tries to help this complicated project planning and organisation based on the experience of similar projects ended already in Budapest or other points in the country and of international examples.

The Handbook was written as the output of the Social Urban Rehabilitation Thematic Development Programme. The preparation of this and other thematic development programmes under the coordination of the Municipality of Budapest started in the beginning of last year. The aims was to develop a common and reliable framework for the implementation and harmonisation of urban rehabilitation projects by the 24 municipalities of Budapest. At that time, HETFA gave support with its expertise to the capital to the open-partnership planning process of the strategy.