HÉTFA participated in the foundation of the Danube Region Vocational Education Cluster that aims to achieve a comprehensive and cross-border reform the vocational education systems of the Carpathian Basin.

The cooperation agreement launching the initiative was signed by the representatives of 19 organisation, including András Csite, the director of HÉTFA, on 19 March, in Kecskemét. The goal of creating the Cluster is to increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of the Hungarian-language vocational education inside and beyond the borders of Hungary and to create in this way the conditions of settling for youth in their homeland.

The Cluster, prepared in the expert workshop of HÉTFA, in order to achieve the common goals, supports career orientation services, helps the innovation processes in the field of Hungarian-language vocational education and strengthens the exchanges among the vocation educational institutions inside and outside of Hungary. Besides, it develops professional materials that help the systemic reform of the vocational education beyond the Hungarian borders.

Detailed report of the event and the report (in Hungarian) from the news.