In the recent period, HÉTFA participated in numerous activities related to the development of the Hungarian vocational education outside from Hungary and it takes part as a founder in the work of the Danube Region Vocational Education Cluster.

András Csite, director of HÉTFA and secretary of the Mezőségi Őrzőkör Non-profit Foundation held a lecture at the conference titled as “2015 – The Year of Hungarian Vocational Education Abroad” organised in the House of Hungarians on 15 December 2014. In his lecture on “Value creation, economic reforms, expertise”, he said that the launch of the Hungarian vocational education’s year carries a symbolic message, too that is the Hungarian nation-rebuilding is not only an intellectual enterprise, but in which every Hungarian-speaking person with Hungarian sentiments has his/her own task. The entrepreneur, the technician and the master of the profession all have their own task.

The presentation of András Csite’s lecture (Hungarian).

The official report of the conference in December 2014 (Hungarian).

HÉTFA Research Institute, on behalf of Bethlen Gábor Fund – Nation-policy Research Institute, prepares a labour market survey in order to assess the employment situation of the Hungarian diaspora. We prepare the survey in cooperation with the CESCI dedicated to the professional support of cross-border cooperation. Our colleague, Antal Piross participated at the conference organised in the framework of the Year of Hungarian Vocational Education Abroad in Beregszász/Berehove, Ukraine, on 18 February 2015.

The report about the conference in Beregszász.