Fazekas, G., Herczeg, B., Szabó-Morvai, Á., Szepesi, B. (2009): Work is far away – employment problems of people with lower education in Hungary

In this study, ordered by the Economic and Social Council, we reviewed the employment problems of people with lower education, and we formulated recommendations for the ESC and for public actors.

Employment rate of low educated people is especially low in Hungary. Besides, low educated people over represented among unemployed and inactive socio-economic group. As it is highlighted in the Government Program, the New Széchenyi Plan, as well, as the Hungary Work Plan published in Széll Kálmán Plan private businesses shall offer greater opportunities for this group apart from social economic and public work programmes. Nevertheless, governmental programmes are supposed to facilitate their return to labour market.

The aim of the research commissioned by the National Labour Authority was to find out how sectors indicated as prioritized areas of intervention by governmental strategic documents are able and ready to realize the goals defined by the government. Our research results suggest that without improving the qualification of low educated people and changing the negative perceptions of these people, small enterprises cannot be expected to contribute significantly to their increased employment rate on short term.

Research Report available in Hungarian