HETFA Background Papers No. 7.

HETFA (2011): Response of Entrepreneurs to the New Széchenyi Plan

ISBN 978-963-89112-3-0; ISSN 2062-3798

Our questionnaire, circulated in May 2011, targeted companies employing 5 to 49 employees being one of the target groups of development policy. The outcomes suggest that pre-2010 development policy was deemed in a negative way by them; whereas their expectations regarding the New Széchenyi Plan are positive both in relative and absolute terms. This is supposed to be the result of the fact that entrepreneurs agree on giving priority to job creation and economic development, as they are defined by development policy. Our research results highlight that the government paid attention to the needs indicated by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations during the articulation of the targets and measures of development policy. However, a number of enterprises are still convinced that they are not able to meet the requirements of the tendering system or their chances to win are quite low. Nevertheless, the main obstacle of the success of the New Széchenyi Plan is supposed to be market instability which might become the main restraining factor from tendering.

The study is available in Hungarian