Youth and Dialogue between Youth and Decision-makers

Due to the broad network of HETFA within and beyond the borders of Hungary with local and regional government, our colleagues are frequently involved in the preparation and implementation of various EU funded projects focusing on young people, their active participation in their community life as well as facilitating the dialogue between the youth and decision-makers. HETFA provides consultancy not only in the preparation of the project and the formulation of the partnership, but once the projects are approved, we are deeply involved in the implementation. We carry out professional tasks such as surveys, analyses and also moderating and facilitating the events. We plan and hold the workshops fully in line with the requirements of the European funded projects based on interactive, non-formal educational methods.

Some references are listed below:


ENriCH (Reveal YouropEaN Cultural Heritage), Europe for Citizens, Network of Towns project aims to reinterpret the European Cultural Heritage through the dialogue of youth and decision-makers. It supports the cognition of democratic decision-making, fosters active citizenship and facilitates intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. The main aim of the project is to prepare a bunch of city routes and a map made by locals about each city with unusual, interesting tips and hints to visit and try.

HETFA takes part in the elaboration and coordination of project, organizes local and transnational meetings. Providing also the professional background, it elaborates the structure of local interviews, prepares online survey, background studies and the final publication.

Lead partner: Municipality of Veszprém


Youth&SPA (Activating and involving the Youth in shaping the future of rural SPA towns) is an Erasmus+ KA3 project, which promotes dialogue between young people and decision-makers in small spa towns. The main aim of the project is to launch a transnational and intergenerational dialogue among young people and decision-makers to identify good practices and formulate a Youth Strategy.

HETFA through our experts coordinates the whole project, keeps contact with the partners and is responsible for the moderation and facilitation of the meetings. Beside management tasks, it prepares the professional materials, i.e. the online survey and the final study.

Lead partner: Municipality of Hévíz



SporTown (Intergenerational Debate on Sport Specific Utilization of Urban Spaces) was implemented under Erasmus+ KA3.  SporTown aimed to involve young citizens in the local decision-making process, and to raise awareness of local and EU citizenship. Furthermore, it incited knowledge exchange on smart utilization of urban spaces for social purposes. The project focused on different themes like EU citizenship, EU awareness, health and wellbeing as well as intergenerational education.

HETFA elaborated the project application and facilitated two events, realized in Veszprém.

Lead partner: Municipality of Veszprém


EU3doms (Debate on the Future of the Four Freedoms of the European Union), Europe for Citizens, Network of Towns project, launched a series of debate on the future of Europe with special focus on the 4 freedoms of the EU. The main emphasis was on intercultural dialogue. It provided a forum for debate among citizens to let them express their opinion and show the importance of their involvement in decision-making.

Experts of HETFA undertook the project elaboration, management and coordination, participated in the organisation of events and ensured the professional background.

Lead partner: Municipality of Hévíz