Tourism development strategy of Muravidék prepared by HETFA

The strategy for tourism development of the bilingual area of Muravidék, inhabited partly by Hungarians, elaborates the main directions of the economic development strategy prepared two years ago. In addition to agriculture, the concept considers tourism as breakthrough point. The development plan emphasizes that the number of touristical opportunities in the region is high. However, […]

Evaluation of Tourism Development

The consortium of Pannon.Analysing Office, HÉTFA Center for Analyses, Revita Foundation and KPMG were commissioned by the National Development Agency to carry out the “Evaluation of Tourism Development with respect to Territorial Cohesion”. The evaluation was conducted between July 2012 and March 2013. The evaluation formulated suggestions regarding development policy, including the measures of the […]

Survey targeting accommodations in the area of Balaton – the RELACS project

In the frame of the project RELACS – Renewable Energies for Tourist Accommodation Buildings Co-workers, HETFA conducted a survey commissioned by the “Balaton Integration Nonprofit Ltd.”. The subject of the project was to explore the practices of accommodations in the area of Balaton, in reference to environment, energy saving methods and renewable energy. According to […]