HETFA at the meeting of BESTPRAC in Belgrade

BESTPRAC, the “voice of research administrators” is having its half-yearly meeting in Belgrade on 24-25 September. The main purpose of the event beyond knowledge exchange is to pave the way towards the sustainment of the network and its operation beyond the funding received from COST. BESTPRAC is a special European network funded by COST gathering […]

Programmes Targeting Higher Education

In the programming period starting in 2007, institutions of higher education were awarded and contracted for at least 250 billion HUF worth of financial support until August 2012, out of which developments specifically targeting the development of higher education activities amounted to 142.5 billion HUF. The main themes of the evaluation prepared by HETFA were […]

People Prefer Living instead of Making Something Develop

’People prefer living instead of making something develop’ asserted Balázs Szepesi, strategic director of HETFA at the community development conference in Tolna county. He presented development plans and needs collected on the basis of the Tolna County Regional Development Concept. These plans aim to guarantee that the use of EU funds between 2014 and 2020 […]