2015 – The Year of Hungarian Vocational Education Abroad

In the recent period, HÉTFA participated in numerous activities related to the development of the Hungarian vocational education outside from Hungary and it takes part as a founder in the work of the Danube Region Vocational Education Cluster. András Csite, director of HÉTFA and secretary of the Mezőségi Őrzőkör Non-profit Foundation held a lecture at […]

Reducing Administrative Burdens of Citizens

HETFA Background Paper No. 8. Rita Radnai (2012): Reducing Administrative Burdens of Citizens: Experiences of National Programmes. ISSN 2062-3798 This paper reviews methodologies of national surveys examining the extent of administrative burdens for citizens. First, the methodologies used by different countries are presented, while the second part focusses on the differences between definitions, the costs included […]

International Surveys on Administrative Burdens

HETFA Background Papers No. 3. HETFA (2010): International Surveys on Administrative Burdens. ISSN 2062-3798 The purpose of this paper is to present Hungary’s competitiveness and the degree of administrative burdens, which make the work of Hungarian businesses troublesome. In our analysis we compare international competitiveness indexes, including the data of the Doing Business Index (set up […]