Indicator System for Academic Research

This research report recommends methodology and detailed content of an indicator system for the national science policy; it reviews the steps necessarily to take in order to establish such a system, the institutional framework and its visualization on the web. HETFA was commissioned by the Agency for Education to execute this research project hand in […]

Evaluation of Measures Targeting Youth Unemployment

The study provides a comprehensive picture on Hungarian and European youth labour market problems. Labour relevant features and characteristics of the age group between 15 and 24 are analysed in detail. It explores international, European Union and national strategies, policy practices and Cohesion Policy funded measures supporting the labour market integration of young people. The […]

Assessment of Territorial Coordination Capacities

The Assessment of Territorial Coordination Capacities was conducted between July 2012 and March 2013. The aim of the evaluation was to formulate recommendations for the improvement of regional coordination of developments. The assessment examines (1) the recent practice concerning coordination of developments and (2) summarizes the experiences of stakeholders of development policy and regional administration. […]