Indicator System for Academic Research

This research report recommends methodology and detailed content of an indicator system for the national science policy; it reviews the steps necessarily to take in order to establish such a system, the institutional framework and its visualization on the web. HETFA was commissioned by the Agency for Education to execute this research project hand in […]

Programmes Targeting Higher Education

In the programming period starting in 2007, institutions of higher education were awarded and contracted for at least 250 billion HUF worth of financial support until August 2012, out of which developments specifically targeting the development of higher education activities amounted to 142.5 billion HUF. The main themes of the evaluation prepared by HETFA were […]

Measures of the Public Education System

The aim of the study was to evaluate the measures of the public education system (real-estate development, equipment stock development, education programme development, and teachers’ training), their targeting, relevance, and effectiveness. Although the effects of the measures are not assessable since only a short time has passed, nevertheless, according to the case studies the funds […]