Evaluation of Measures Targeting Social Inclusion

Upon the commission of the National Development Agency, experts of the HETFA Research Institute, the Revita Foundation and the Metropolitan Research Institute Ltd. carried out the evaluation of Social Renewal Operational Programme (SROP) Priority 5 interventions (2007-2012) relating to social inclusion between June 2012 and February 2013. The evaluation seeks to provide recommendations for the […]

Measures Targeting the Improvement of Employment

 The evaluation comprised of two main modules: It provided a comprehensive assessment of the measures of the Social Renewal Operative Programme’s (SROP) Priorities 1 and 2 which directly targeted the improvement of employment, based on programme documents, EMIR (Unified Monitoring Information System) data, expert interviews and previous evaluations of individual measures. It explored employment-related non-profit […]

Evaluation of the Accessibility of Public Institutions

According to the mandatory provisions of the Hungarian Government’s Act XXVI of 1998 on the rights and equal opportunities of persons with disabilities, equal access has to be ensured for public services provided by the government and local municipalities. In order to achieve this goal, projects targeting physical and ICT accessibility of public services have […]