The use of space and public administration: analysis of the reorganization of local government

HETFA Research Institute conducted an analysis for the National Institute of Public Administration between March and September, 2011 on the social and spatial effects of the establishment and the assignment of centres and boundaries of the new public administration districts. Through the research our aim was to contribute to the establishment of local administration districts, […]

Local producers and producers’ communities – following Elinor Ostrom.

Hétfa (2012): Local producers and producers’ communities – following Elinor Ostrom. The main aim of our research was to present and analyse how local producers maintain collective reputation of their products, and how institutions of collective governance look like. The theoretical background of the research is based on the Institution Analysis and Development (IAD) framework […]

People Prefer Living instead of Making Something Develop

’People prefer living instead of making something develop’ asserted Balázs Szepesi, strategic director of HETFA at the community development conference in Tolna county. He presented development plans and needs collected on the basis of the Tolna County Regional Development Concept. These plans aim to guarantee that the use of EU funds between 2014 and 2020 […]