Does Subsidized Childcare Matter for Maternal Labor Supply? – The Latest Piece of HETFA Working Paper Series

HETFA Working Paper No. 9. authored by Agnes Szabo-Morvai and Anna Lovasz provide a credible cutoff-based estimate at a policy-relevant point on the effect of subsidized childcare availability on Hungarian mothers’ labor supply. The approach of the authors is that in order to find the most effective mix of policies and forecast the benefits of investment in childcare expansion, […]

Parametric Pension Reforms and Life-cycle Labour Supply

Major, Klára – Varga, Gergely (2013): Parametric reforms and life-cycle labour supply. Economic Review [Közgazdasági Szemle, Közgazdasági Szemle LX. évf., 2013. november (1169—1207. o.).] Financing the social-security pension system will weigh heavily on the government budget in developed countries, merely through the projected demographic processes. The burden could be eased by various parametric and paradigmatic pension […]

Impact of Academic Research on GDP Growth

As it is shown in the economic growth literature, the return of resources invested in research is expected to contribute to the higher growth rate of potential income of the economy. This paper examines this relation in case of Hungary based on data from the period 2000-2011. Three sources of GDP growth are the increase in […]