Social and Economic Impacts of the Creative Industry are under Assessment

The main goal of Design Terminál is to enhance the competitiveness of the Hungarian creative industry. The overall analysis being prepared by HÉTFA is supposed to support this aim by presenting the significance of creative industry, its role in the national economy, as well, as its contribution to the competitiveness of the economy and thereof […]

Competitiveness Presumes a Reinforced Cooperation

’The basic requirement of competitiveness is the reinforcement of cooperation, whereas corruption is a general contractual failure’ argues Károly Mike, senior research fellow of HETFA, in his interview given to the Financial Review Online [Pénzügyi Szemle Online]. Based on the theory of institutional economics, our research fellow suggests, first, to conduct a mapping on the […]

Key Channels in Increasing Employment

Interview with Klára Major and Tamás Tétényi at Employability of labour force and macroeconomic conjuncture are channels of greater importance in increasing the rate of employment than direct job creation measures. Analyses conducted by our researchers proved that only a small part (less than ten percent) of jobs created by job creation programmes increased […]