HETFA boosting dialogue between Pernambuco and Tolna County

Study visit in the capital of Tolna County, Szekszárd was organized in the frame of the INNOV-AL platform between 5 and 7 November, 2018. The delegation of 3 Brazilian states visited Tolna County aiming to launch a mutually beneficial dialogue around decentralized development and innovation policies. The organization and the implementation of the study visit […]

HÉTFA prepares the impact study of the Researchers’ Night this year – again

People can get an insight into the backstage of researchers’ closed world this year again: Researchers’ Night will be held on 28-29 September. This is the first time that the event will last for two days, offering over 2500 programs throughout Hungary. HÉTFA is among the organizers in 2018 as well and, as in the […]

Programmes Targeting Higher Education

In the programming period starting in 2007, institutions of higher education were awarded and contracted for at least 250 billion HUF worth of financial support until August 2012, out of which developments specifically targeting the development of higher education activities amounted to 142.5 billion HUF. The main themes of the evaluation prepared by HETFA were […]