Contracting for Structural Funds

HETFA Working Paper No. 8. Károly Mike – Gábor Balás: Contracting for Structural Funds – How the EU’s Rules of the Game Shape the Behaviour of Member State Governments ISBN 978-963-89112-6-1; ISSN 2062-378X How do the rules of the game of EU cohesion policy shape the behaviour of Member State governments as they pursue their development […]

Effects of EU Funding on Territorial Cohesion

The consortium of Pannon Institute for Analyses Ltd., HETFA Center for Analyses Ltd. and Revita Foundation were commissioned by the National Development Agency (NFÜ) to carry out the “Evaluation of the Effects of EU Funding on Territorial Cohesion” between July 2012 and March 2013. The evaluation puts forward recommendations regarding development policy, including the measures […]

The Operation of the State

Szepesi, B. – Borbás, G. – Balás, G. (2010): Methodological, theoretical frames to the analysis of the operation of the state (2009-2010) This study was prepared as part of the cooperation between the State Court and the Competitiveness Research Centre. Its aim was to substantiate the research about the problems of the operation of the state. […]