Metropolitan Business Forums with the collaboration of HETFA

The Municipality of Budapest with the coordination of HETFA, organised a business forums in the framework of the creation of the metropolitan development programme for economic stimulus and job creation. The aim of the forums was to get to know the point of views of the most important economic actors of the capital on the […]

The judicial enforcement of contracts and the development of entrepreneurial economy

A new three-year research project commences at HETFA Institute in October 2014. The project is led by Karoly Mike, who has received a postdoctoral scholarship from the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund. The legal system plays a crucial role in any modern economy. An important aspect of this role is that it supports business relationship between […]

Parametric Pension Reforms and Life-cycle Labour Supply

Major, Klára – Varga, Gergely (2013): Parametric reforms and life-cycle labour supply. Economic Review [Közgazdasági Szemle, Közgazdasági Szemle LX. évf., 2013. november (1169—1207. o.).] Financing the social-security pension system will weigh heavily on the government budget in developed countries, merely through the projected demographic processes. The burden could be eased by various parametric and paradigmatic pension […]