Tourism development strategy of Muravidék prepared by HETFA

The strategy for tourism development of the bilingual area of Muravidék, inhabited partly by Hungarians, elaborates the main directions of the economic development strategy prepared two years ago. In addition to agriculture, the concept considers tourism as breakthrough point. The development plan emphasizes that the number of touristical opportunities in the region is high. However, […]

Design Guides for Urban Municipalities prepared by HETFA

Design Guides for Urban Municipalities aims to provide support in forming the settlement’s facade and cityscape. It builds on the local specificities and supports to preserve the original cityscape. Our colleagues from the Urban and Regional Development Office of HÉTFA prepared Design Guides for Urban Municipalities for four Hungarian cities with different characteristics (Keszthely, Hévíz, […]

Contracting for Structural Funds

HETFA Working Paper No. 8. Károly Mike – Gábor Balás: Contracting for Structural Funds – How the EU’s Rules of the Game Shape the Behaviour of Member State Governments ISBN 978-963-89112-6-1; ISSN 2062-378X How do the rules of the game of EU cohesion policy shape the behaviour of Member State governments as they pursue their development […]