​Réka Geambaşu: Hungarian family businesses in abroad

HETFA Working Paper No. 2017/22 Réka Geambaşu (2017): Hungarian family businesses in abroad. ISSN 2062-378X The quantitative research carried out by HÉTFA Research Institute in 2017 among Hungarian family companies operating in neighbouring countries (Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) was initiated with the aim of providing a missing supplementary examination of the family business sector. […]

Response of Entrepreneurs to the New Széchenyi Plan

HETFA Background Papers No. 7. HETFA (2011): Response of Entrepreneurs to the New Széchenyi Plan ISBN 978-963-89112-3-0; ISSN 2062-3798 Our questionnaire, circulated in May 2011, targeted companies employing 5 to 49 employees being one of the target groups of development policy. The outcomes suggest that pre-2010 development policy was deemed in a negative way by them; […]

Economic advocacies and chambers

Our research “Economic advocacies and chambers” was conducted in 2010, commissioned by the “Office for Employment and Social Policy”. The objective of the study was to investigate the legal and economic environment of the operation of organizations that assist the cooperation of enterprises. Another purpose was to declare what these organizations can do about the improvement […]