Does Subsidized Childcare Matter for Maternal Labor Supply? – The Latest Piece of HETFA Working Paper Series

HETFA Working Paper No. 9. authored by Agnes Szabo-Morvai and Anna Lovasz provide a credible cutoff-based estimate at a policy-relevant point on the effect of subsidized childcare availability on Hungarian mothers’ labor supply. The approach of the authors is that in order to find the most effective mix of policies and forecast the benefits of investment in childcare expansion, […]

HETFA Expert’s contribution to the IMF Report on Hungary

In the series of the IMF Country reports on Hungary, the No. 14/156 issued in June 2014, refers to two papers prepared by HETFA expert, Agnes Szabo-Morvai. Concerning Hungary’s potential output growth, the report concludes that Hungary’s growth performance has been weak in recent years. The IMF sees that the medium term growth prospects –although […]

Does Subsidized Childcare Matter for Maternal Labour Supply?

Anna Lovász – Ágnes Szabó-Morvai (2013): Does Childcare Matter for Maternal Labor Supply? A modified Regression Discontinuity Analysis  The research, funded by the National Scientific Research Fund, implemented by HETFA Research Institute and the Institute of Economics of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, draws on the effects […]