The judicial enforcement of contracts and the development of entrepreneurial economy

A new three-year research project commences at HETFA Institute in October 2014. The project is led by Karoly Mike, who has received a postdoctoral scholarship from the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund. The legal system plays a crucial role in any modern economy. An important aspect of this role is that it supports business relationship between […]

The use of space and public administration: analysis of the reorganization of local government

HETFA Research Institute conducted an analysis for the National Institute of Public Administration between March and September, 2011 on the social and spatial effects of the establishment and the assignment of centres and boundaries of the new public administration districts. Through the research our aim was to contribute to the establishment of local administration districts, […]

International Routines to Smaller Bureaucracy

HETFA Background Papers No. 5. HETFA (2010): International Routines to Smaller Bureaucracy. ISSN 2062-3798 The aim of this paper is to review foreign experience of good practices with reference to the relieving of administrative burdens. In this study we introduce the recommendations of OECD, EU and World Bank, the simplification strategies referring to small and middle enterprises, […]