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People Prefer Living instead of Making Something Develop

’People prefer living instead of making something develop’ asserted Balázs Szepesi, strategic director of HETFA at the community development conference in Tolna county. He presented development plans and needs collected on the basis of the Tolna County Regional Development Concept. These plans aim to guarantee that the use of EU funds between 2014 and 2020 […]

Key Channels in Increasing Employment

Interview with Klára Major and Tamás Tétényi at Employability of labour force and macroeconomic conjuncture are channels of greater importance in increasing the rate of employment than direct job creation measures. Analyses conducted by our researchers proved that only a small part (less than ten percent) of jobs created by job creation programmes increased […]

Repairing the Clock Blindly with Hammer

The rate of competitiveness of Hungary has never been that low as this year. Hungary was ranked 63rd from previous years’ 48th place in the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum. As regards the members of the European Union, we are lagging behind by holding the 4th position before the last. What is […]