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Survey targeting accommodations in the area of Balaton – the RELACS project

In the frame of the project RELACS – Renewable Energies for Tourist Accommodation Buildings Co-workers, HETFA conducted a survey commissioned by the “Balaton Integration Nonprofit Ltd.”. The subject of the project was to explore the practices of accommodations in the area of Balaton, in reference to environment, energy saving methods and renewable energy. According to […]

Investment Guide of Tolna County

Commissioned by the “Regional Development Council of Tolna County” we prepared an investment guide that focused on 21 townships, lying nearby the motorway “M6”. We produced a publication and a website that present the investment potential of the area. The result of our project can be accessed in Hungarian at: The tri-lingual investment guide […]

People Prefer Living instead of Making Something Develop

’People prefer living instead of making something develop’ asserted Balázs Szepesi, strategic director of HETFA at the community development conference in Tolna county. He presented development plans and needs collected on the basis of the Tolna County Regional Development Concept. These plans aim to guarantee that the use of EU funds between 2014 and 2020 […]