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List of Publications – András CSITE

Csite András (2012): A sarki kisbolt, mint családbarát munkahely? In: Munkaügyi Szemle No. 4. Németh Nándor – Csite András – Jakobi Ákos (2009): Román állampolgárságú munkavállalók Magyarországon. In: Területi statisztika Vol. 12. (49.) No. 6, pp. 615-527 Csite András (2009): Boldogtalan kapitalizmus? In: Szalai Ákos szerk.: Kapitalista elvárások. Közjó és Kapitalizmus Intézet: Budapest, pp. 257-308 […]

Economic advocacies and chambers

Our research “Economic advocacies and chambers” was conducted in 2010, commissioned by the “Office for Employment and Social Policy”. The objective of the study was to investigate the legal and economic environment of the operation of organizations that assist the cooperation of enterprises. Another purpose was to declare what these organizations can do about the improvement […]

Survey targeting accommodations in the area of Balaton – the RELACS project

In the frame of the project RELACS – Renewable Energies for Tourist Accommodation Buildings Co-workers, HETFA conducted a survey commissioned by the “Balaton Integration Nonprofit Ltd.”. The subject of the project was to explore the practices of accommodations in the area of Balaton, in reference to environment, energy saving methods and renewable energy. According to […]