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Integrated Urban Development Strategy for Hévíz City

The Representative Body of Hévíz approved the Integrated Urban Development Strategy which entered into force on 1st April 2018. Changes in the city life necessitated the development of a new integrated urban development strategy relying on various research activities for the period of 2017 and 2023 to increase the demographic as well as the social, […]

​Réka Geambaşu: Hungarian family businesses in abroad

HETFA Working Paper No. 2017/22 Réka Geambaşu (2017): Hungarian family businesses in abroad. ISSN 2062-378X The quantitative research carried out by HÉTFA Research Institute in 2017 among Hungarian family companies operating in neighbouring countries (Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) was initiated with the aim of providing a missing supplementary examination of the family business sector. […]

BESTPRAC meeting in Vienna

The core group of the COST action called BESTPRAC accompanied by the members of the newly launched cross-cutting groups held a two-day long workshop in Vienna on 26-27 March, 2018. The main focus of the event was to gather plans and ideas and to define a roadmap for the freshly set-up groups for the upcoming […]