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Veszprém on the cultural map of Europe

Veszprém, cited usually as “the city of Queens”, is one of the oldest Hungarian towns. Embraced by the Lake Balaton and the Bakony hills, it is the economic and cultural centre of the region. Culture plays an important role in the life of the city which is at the same time old and new, calm, […]

Individual entrepreneurship, work-life balance and self-realization

The working paper written by Fanni Bobák, Réka Geambaşu, Zsuzsa Radnai and Virág Zsár entitled Female entrepreneurs – women in enterprises: Motivation, work-life balance, and challenges focuses on two issues: (1) what factors motivate women to start their own business (2) what strategies they apply to establish work-life balance. The research was based on interviews […]

HETFA in the core group of BESTPRAC COST Action

HETFA became member in the core group of BESTPRACT COST Action following its prolongation. A meeting of Management Committee and the Working Groups in Bucharest discussed the strategic plans for the upcoming two years and renewed the members responsible to coordinate the action. COST ( is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, […]